Search Engine Optimisation Success for 4×4 Specialists

We evaluated Explore 4x4's original website and proposed a solution to make it more accessible to search engines and develop their online presence.

Deb Turpin and Malcolm Swan invested time and money in creating a website for their new venture, Explore-4×4. The business was established to provide specialist off road training for business and private 4×4 drivers.

They were pleased with the finished product; it was both professional and presented their range of services to their satisfaction.

However, when they tried to find their website through a search engine they were disappointed with the results. They didn’t appear at all, even when they tried searching for their own company name!

SBL Media evaluated their site and proposed a solution to make their site more accessible to search engines and develop their online presence.

Search engine optimisation does not provide instant results, a fact that SBL Media conveyed to Explore-4×4 throughout. Above expectation, their website was appearing in the top 10 results of the major search engines within 2 months, not only for their business name but their key services as well.

Their position continues to improve as do their business opportunities. Read their testimonial below to understand the project for their perspective and see how they are already winning new business through their website.


Explore 4x4

“A perfectly reputable company built us a website that we were overall very happy with, and did exactly what they said they would by giving us a presence on the web.  Completely ignorant about these matters, we hadn’t realised a ‘presence’, was just that. Yes, we were on the World Wide Web, only trouble being, so were tens of thousands of others, the majority of them above us!

The original company told us we were on our own now! They’d done their job, we’d have to find someone who knew how to get us up the rankings, or do it ourselves! Basically, they didn’t know how!  If they couldn’t, how on earth could we?  Feeling more than a little let down, bewildered by the mysterious and complex technology needed, not to mention the sea of people offering widely varying advice, what could we do? Who could we trust?

By the most amazing and fortunate stroke of luck, Sue Bromwich’s name came up whilst having lunch with some very old friends, ‘Sue’s the person you need, just phone her and have a chat, she knows what she’s doing!’  Thankfully we did, and we haven’t looked back since!

Sue’s everything they said she would be and some!  She’s frighteningly knowledgeable and efficient, but completely approachable too, calmly explaining everything to us simply in laymen’s terms. She’s passionate about her work, and her suggestions for our business, both for the website and otherwise, have proved inspirational and cost effective.

As for our ranking, well, whilst in a meeting yesterday with exactly the sort of clients our business is looking for, we asked how they found us.  The reply came back, ‘you were at the top of the Google search!’

Thanks Sue, we can’t recommend you highly enough, and very much look forward to continuing to do business with you.”

Deb Turpin & Malcolm Swan, Owners, Explore 4×4, Warwickshire