Leaflets & Brochures

Brochure design

Electronic communication in the form of websites and emails is a highly cost-effective means to deliver your message to an infinite number of people. However, the retention of information is often lost. Printed materials are far more likely to be retained, and referred back to, by your existing customers and passed on to potential new customers.

Corporate literature continues to prove a useful tool for sales teams in face-to-face meetings, or in attending tradeshows and conventions.

From developing your initial ideas, preparing design concepts to delivering high-quality printed materials, we will make the process simple. We offer a full service solution, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers. We can manage the design, printing and distribution of your literature for you.

Leaflet design

Leaflet distribution is an excellent mechanism to attract local customers to your business. However, making your message stand out from the competition can be a challenge.

Speak to us today and we will work with you to design, print and manage your leaflet production – from a single, short run for a one-off mailing to developing a series of leaflets to be printed and distributed over a period of time.

If you plan to distribute a series of pamphlets, we will look at a design template that can be customised for each of your products, reducing your design costs.

We will advise you on the optimal size and paper quality for your specific needs. For example, we will look at how the dimensions and weight of your finished brochure or leaflet will impact on postage costs. Or perhaps you intend to deliver leaflets door-to-door. Will they fit through an average letterbox without the need to fold them? If you create a booklet or corporate brochure to distribute at a trade show, is it awkward for delegates to carry?

For straightforward advice and support get in touch today to discuss your requirements.