All presentations have a common goal – to stimulate your audience to act. Successful presentations stimulate your audience to take action in the way you would like them to.

To achieve this you need to engage with your audience, hold their attention, inspire them to buy-in to your message and motivate them to act.

SBL Media will work with you to understand your product or service, learn about your audience and what drives them to take action, refine your message and build a presentation that wins you more business.

Three key questions to address when preparing your presentation:

1. What do you want your audience to do at the end of your presentation?
e.g. We want them to agree to use our services.

2. What will motivate your audience to take the required action?
e.g. A professional presentation will help them win more business and meet their sales targets.

3. What facts do your audience need to know to make a decision?
e.g. our methodologies, timescale and success stories.

PowerPoint presentations

We design presentations in a variety of formats, PowerPoint being the most popular.

PowerPoint gives many of our clients the flexibility to customise SBL Media designed slides for a specific occasion – from simple amendments to an introductory page (perhaps the name of the presenter), to selecting from a library of pre-prepared slides for a particular sales pitch.

We regularly see presenters displaying their “script” on screen, resulting in the audience reading along with them. Your audience should engage with you – the presenter – not the screen. Our customised graphics translate your narrative into strong imagery that supports and reinforces the messages you are delivering verbally.

We offer a comprehensive package, including software training, ensuring you have the right tools and knowledge to deliver your presentation with confidence.