Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Advertising does exactly what it says, if someone clicks your online advert, you pay a fee to the publisher in exchange for the visitor to your website. It can be a fast effective solution for driving instant traffic to your website.

Who provides PPC?

There are several search engines offering PPC, including Bing and Yahoo, but with well over 1 million advertisers, Google AdWords is the most popular PPC tool. AdWords allows you to display an advert alongside search engine results for specific search terms. You can also display your adverts across a variety of other websites that are related to your industry or niche. If a user clicks on your advert they’re taken to your website and you pay a fee to Google.

How much does it cost?

The price you pay per click depends on a number of factors, but primarily:

  • The number of other people competing for use of the same keyword
  • The quality of your keywords, advert copy and website content
  • The position you wish to attain in the results.

Will you get a good return for your investment?

  • AdWords can be hugely successful at driving instant, high quality traffic to your website. AdWords fails to give a good return when any (or in some cases several) of the following apply:
  • The keywords used to trigger your adverts are ambiguous or of low relevancy or too broad in their meaning
  • You do not have a relevant landing page (where the person clicking your advert is sent to)
  • Your landing pages are poorly constructed with no call to action or direction for the visitor
  • Campaigns are not monitored closely, allowing underperforming keywords to ‘steal’ your budget
  • Poor quality of keywords, advert copy or landing page content.

Is your PPC working?

Are people buying from you as a result of seeing your advert? This is the only question you need to answer.

Most PPC reporting focuses on the number of visitors to your website, or the number of clicks a particular advert has achieved.  These numbers are important, they’re key performance indicators for your campaign management, but the most important thing from any marketing tactic you employ is how many sales you make as a result.

This is where we’re different

If we manage your campaign, we provide you with all standard reporting, including the number of visitors generated and the total cost of the clicks etc. but where we’re different is that we will talk to you about how many calls you have had and how many of those enquirers because customers. This is crucial to your success. We can even help you work on your website to improve your conversion rate and get more customers.

How to get started

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