Elizabeth Halsall

“It was very straightforward and very easy.”

In 2017, we decided we needed more flexibility and control on our website, so we started looking for a company to work with locally. Then it was suggested to us that we give Sue Bromwich – who was based nearly 200 miles away – a call.  I was a bit reluctant because of the distance but she came highly recommended.

When we received Sue’s proposal, she wasn’t the cheapest although she wasn’t the most expensive either – but what was in the proposal made sense for our business. It all seemed to flow and work, and it gave me the confidence that even though I’d not met Sue in the flesh, she was working on my wavelength. She just got us.

Sometimes it can be a very daunting process setting up a website. The whole structure of how Sue went about it was different, but it made sense and it was a great way to work. It was very straightforward and very easy.
Working remotely was a little strange, I have to be honest, even though I’d bought into Sue and what she could do. However, we had our first meeting and she did what she said she was going to do, and followed up on unresolved issues – and it just became more and more comfortable.

We worked through telephone and Skype and the outcome has been very successful – the website has been launched and we’re very pleased with it. Sue has given us some very sound ideas, and has made it into a very pain-free process.

Sue’s clearly got a lot of experience. She knows what works and what doesn’t and we are very fortunate to have come across her.

Elizabeth Halsall, Business Development and Marketing Manager, APC Civils Limited


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