Kate Harrison

Did I just want someone at the end of the phone?

Sue was a referral from another company – but we did have other options. For example, [because she’s based so far away from us] did I just want someone at the end of the phone or did I want to bring in someone local instead? It was a worry for me at first. However, Sue’s excellent communication soon put my mind at rest. Her level of reliability is just what we need. She’s really nice to work with too!

She’s taken the time to understand our business and that was a big thing for me. She’s been with us from the start and understands the company’s organic growth. You can really see that in her work on the website and how she’s helped us bring all the different parts of the business under one banner. Even things like sourcing images for the website that fit in with our brand – she gets it.

I’ve got a marketing, PR and creative background so I’m quite specific in how I want things to look and sound. Sue’s provided that brilliantly and also gives me her own input.

She’s been integral to the rebrand. She’s been great on making the process seamless – from the website to the stationery. As marketing manager, she’s my creative arm. She puts my vision onto paper.

Kate Harrison, Marketing Manager, the Lane End Group, Thelwall, Warrington


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