Tom Lovegrove

Working with Sue…has helped us produce some really good results from our website and other marketing.

Sue enabled us to save money – not just for saving money’s sake but, for example with Adwords, to do it in the most efficient way. In fact, since we’ve been working with her, we have seen an 80% increase in our  leads from AdWords. This improvement has come from really understanding what is working and what needs changing. The detail is something Sue really gets excited about- which is great for us and our results.

Doing a new website was part of a bigger marketing strategy to double our turnover within 2/3 years. We wanted to work with Sue on it to get the results we were looking for. Sue is the one of the most organised, logical and process driven person I’ve worked with. Having someone like Sue to keep tabs on us to make sure we get things done is great.

It’s not often you find a supplier who really is interested in your business and treats it as her own. Sue always wants to get the best results for our business. She’s a supplier who rings you rather than you having to ring her. Sue has always got time to go through something with you. She’ll explain really well what she would like to do and how that will help us.

Tom Lovegrove, Purchasing and Marketing, DPL Steel Buildings

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