Elizabeth Halsall

“It was very straightforward and very easy.”

In 2017, we decided we needed more flexibility and control on our website, so we started looking for a company to work with locally. Then it was suggested to us that we give Sue Bromwich – who was based nearly 200 miles away – a call.  I was a bit reluctant because of the distance but she came highly recommended.

When we received Sue’s proposal, she wasn’t the cheapest although she wasn’t the most expensive either – but what was in the proposal made sense for our business. It all seemed to flow and work, and it gave me the confidence that even though I’d not met Sue in the flesh, she was working on my wavelength. She just got us.

Sometimes it can be a very daunting process setting up a website. The whole structure of how Sue went about it was different, but it made sense and it was a great way to work. It was very straightforward and very easy.
Working remotely was a little strange, I have to be honest, even though I’d bought into Sue and what she could do. However, we had our first meeting and she did what she said she was going to do, and followed up on unresolved issues – and it just became more and more comfortable.

We worked through telephone and Skype and the outcome has been very successful – the website has been launched and we’re very pleased with it. Sue has given us some very sound ideas, and has made it into a very pain-free process.

Sue’s clearly got a lot of experience. She knows what works and what doesn’t and we are very fortunate to have come across her.

Elizabeth Halsall, Business Development and Marketing Manager, APC Civils Limited


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Tom Lovegrove

Working with Sue…has helped us produce some really good results from our website and other marketing.

Sue enabled us to save money – not just for saving money’s sake but, for example with Adwords, to do it in the most efficient way. In fact, since we’ve been working with her, we have seen an 80% increase in our  leads from AdWords. This improvement has come from really understanding what is working and what needs changing. The detail is something Sue really gets excited about- which is great for us and our results.

Doing a new website was part of a bigger marketing strategy to double our turnover within 2/3 years. We wanted to work with Sue on it to get the results we were looking for. Sue is the one of the most organised, logical and process driven person I’ve worked with. Having someone like Sue to keep tabs on us to make sure we get things done is great.

It’s not often you find a supplier who really is interested in your business and treats it as her own. Sue always wants to get the best results for our business. She’s a supplier who rings you rather than you having to ring her. Sue has always got time to go through something with you. She’ll explain really well what she would like to do and how that will help us.

Tom Lovegrove, Purchasing and Marketing, DPL Steel Buildings


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Adrian Mullins

We hadn’t tried Facebook advertising before…

but we were looking for new ways to recruit staff.  Having previously done Adwords, when I spent a lot of time working out how to use it, I decided it would be easier to get help. I asked our accountant if he knew someone and he recommended Sue.

This has made the whole process much easier than if I had done it myself.

Sue’s built a targeted campaign, including putting the ads together. We were quite open on budget as we hadn’t done it before, so Sue kept an eye on it for us and we agreed she would advise us once we reached a particular amount. While we are getting lower numbers than with other methods, the quality is definitely better.

It’s been a very easy process working with Sue.

She’s very good at guiding us through everything and being able to answer any questions we’ve had – those type of things that would take you ages to work out for yourself. For these reasons, it’s been a cost effective approach and I would definitely recommend Sue – she’s very good.

Adrian Mullins, Director, CuraCare


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Kate Harrison

Did I just want someone at the end of the phone?

Sue was a referral from another company – but we did have other options. For example, [because she’s based so far away from us] did I just want someone at the end of the phone or did I want to bring in someone local instead? It was a worry for me at first. However, Sue’s excellent communication soon put my mind at rest. Her level of reliability is just what we need. She’s really nice to work with too!

She’s taken the time to understand our business and that was a big thing for me. She’s been with us from the start and understands the company’s organic growth. You can really see that in her work on the website and how she’s helped us bring all the different parts of the business under one banner. Even things like sourcing images for the website that fit in with our brand – she gets it.

I’ve got a marketing, PR and creative background so I’m quite specific in how I want things to look and sound. Sue’s provided that brilliantly and also gives me her own input.

She’s been integral to the rebrand. She’s been great on making the process seamless – from the website to the stationery. As marketing manager, she’s my creative arm. She puts my vision onto paper.

Kate Harrison, Marketing Manager, the Lane End Group, Thelwall, Warrington


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MDH Chartered Certified Accountants

“We have definitely won new business as a result of the website redesign”


  • Marketing consultancy
  • Web design

“I started my accountancy business from home with ten clients – and I had a website that was built on a template. It was good while we started off but as we grew, I knew I needed a better one. So I looked at sites I liked – including the one of my business coach, which was built by Sue Bromwich.

She’s more than a website person

I rang her and she came down to our offices to do an initial consultation. My colleague Natalie and I went really deeply into what we wanted with Sue and I realised quite quickly that she’s more than a website person – she’s a marketing consultant.

I love how meticulous she is on consistency

We talked about the dream and the vision as well as the detail and Sue pitched it all together. She helped with our marketing in terms of general strategy and also by introducing a new colour for our logo, which helps us stand out. She redesigned our brochures and a booklet, and applied the new logo consistently across them.

She helped me enormously

Sue also designed the website, including coming up with the icons to make our message clear and concise. We’ve had a bucketful of people comment on our website, saying how nice it is to see an accountant who represents what they are in the flesh. We have definitely won new business as a result of the website redesign and I believe we will continue to do so as we further systemise. What Sue has done also means the foundations have been laid for a further marketing drive – she helped me enormously.

We can measure our ROI on marketing

She helped me define what’s important at what time, and reined me in because sometimes I can charge ahead. She helped me make what was in my head clear to customers and to my team. She also taught me a lot, for example about Google Adwords. We can now get better data from our website and, with clear metrics in place, we can measure our ROI on marketing.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Sue

Going forward, if I’ve got a marketing problem, Sue will be my first phone call.

It’s so easy to work with her. She really is determined and focused – and her piece de resistance is her enthusiasm and how much she cares.”

Michael Hemme FCCA, Director, MDH Chartered Certified Accountants


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Clarendon Carpentry Loft Conversions

Our website is great and does exactly what we want it to. It stays on the first page of a general google search with very little input from us, and we’ve had lots of enquires and complements coming from the site.


  • Web design
  • On-going website updates

“Sue came highly recommended by someone who was giving us some business support at the time and although we valued the recommendation, we were initially very sceptical about working with a web designer, who was not local to us.  We are of that generation that didn’t learn to use computers at school and so we’ve had to learn it all later in life and it doesn’t come easily. We are used to being able to go to an office and meet someone in person, so the idea of working through web chats and telephone conferencing was scary to say the least.

We needn’t have worried.  It was all a lot easier than we thought and once we got used to it, this way of working was so convenient and time efficient.  Sue introduced us to the technical side of things and the associated jargon very patiently and with great expertise, listening so carefully to our ideas and suggesting things in a way that made sense. We felt that we learned so much along the way and she made things that had always seemed so confusing and inaccessible to us, much clearer and easier to fathom.

Although there was quite a lot of work for us to do on the website content, because we wanted to be involved and feel that sense of ownership, it didn’t feel too onerous. Sue managed the whole project and time scale really efficiently, so that we all knew what needed to be done by when.  She was completely unflustered by changes or rethinks, always friendly and taking things in her stride.

All the paperwork was really clear and the costings and invoicing made sense.  We knew what we were paying for and the project even came out slightly under our original budget.  We also appreciated the way Sue made it clear that once the site had been developed we could become completely independent of her support if we wanted to, by doing things ourselves, or getting another website support company to do things for us.  She provided us with video tutorials and easily guides as to how to put blogs up and so on.

As it happens it made sense to just carry on working with Sue as she is so reliable and does things so quickly and at a very reasonable cost.  We’ve heard of other people having bad experiences and getting locked in to a web design company and getting charged endlessly for things they don’t understand.

Our website is great and does exactly what we want it to. It stays on the first page of a general google search with very little input from us, and we’ve had lots of enquires and complements coming from the site.

We can highly recommend SBL Media to any company wanting to develop a website, we feel we struck very lucky.”

John Nutting & Karen House, Owners, Clarendon Carpentry, Leicester

At Clarendon Carpentry Loft Conversions, we’re specialists in loft conversions, learn more about their work here: www.clarendoncarpentryloftconversions.co.uk

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